Oil insulated 3-phase transformers

Oljeisolerade_transformator.jpgHexaformer can offer a range of oil filled distribution transformers from 30 kVA to 200 kVA and with system voltages between 6 and 24 kV.

Our patented core technology leads to a number of advantages such as lower losses, lower weight, lower noise level, smaller inrush energy (read more...). The shape of our transformers is different from the conventional E-type of transformers and fits in standard substations.

Our transformers are hermetically insulated, can be ordered with porcelaine or elastimold bushings and with 3 types of oil: mineral, synthetic or biological ester oil. It is of special importance to use biological ester oil when the transformer is installed in a water protection area, since this kind of oil is biodegradable.

All our transformers are wound with enamel copper wire for best possible characteristics.

Your benefits

We have 2 families of oil insulated transformers: the standard series and the low loss series.

The no load losses in our standard series is already lower than most of the products on the market today. The customer can save a lot of energy over the life time of the installation and contributes to a better environment.

The electricity prices has increased over a long period of time and every watt becomes more and more valuable. That is the reason why we have introduced a low loss series of transformers with 10% lower losses than in our standard series. The total ownership cost over the transformer's life time becomes lower, even if the initial investment is higher. The combination of low loss transformer and biological ester oil has the smallest impact on the environment.

A present value calculation allows the customer to quantify the savings generated by using Hexaformer's transformers. Click on the right to download the spreadsheet to help you calculate your loss value.



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